Governance & Task Groups



The WIGHT BID is now in the start-up period where levy payers are invited to put themselves forward for election to one of the Governance, Task & Advisory Groups. If you are elected to a group your role will be to represent your sector in contributing to, and overseeing the delivery of, the Group’s focus. Every Group will have it’s own terms of reference, appropriate to the purpose of the specific Group.

Some Groups will meet regularly throughout the year, whilst others will be tied into a specific task, perhaps meeting less frequently or over a shorter period to investigate a specific challenge or opportunity.

Groups will hold formal meetings where minutes will be taken and published online so that all levy members have the opportunity to read and respond to their sector representative and feed into the process. Group findings will also be reported at Board meetings and play a crucial role in informing policy and strategy.

During the start-up period whilst Groups are being established, “pathfinder” task groups will  be quickly put together to begin urgent tasks. These will be replaced with elected levy payers as soon as elections can be held. It is envisaged that all key elected task groups will be in place by the end of 2016.

Concerning the Visit Isle of Wight Board

Levy member representation on the Visit Isle of Wight Board will follow a similar election process. Their role will be to represent their sectors in overseeing the progress of the WIGHT BID plan.  It is proposed that Board Levy members positions will be proportionately allocated based upon the overall percentage of levy payers by rateable value of the whole. For example, if 25% of the rateable value of all levy payers was in the self catering sector, then 25% of the available seats on the Board will be held by Self Catering levy payers. At least 15 levy members will be appointed to the Visit Isle of Wight Board representing the following sectors:

Self Catering
Serviced Accommodation
Restaurants & Cafes
Pubs Inns & Nightclubs
Visitor Attractions & Activities
Touring Sites & Holiday Parks
Transport Providers

Governance Transition Advisory Group (Now Active) 

The Governance Transition Advisory Group has now been appointed and is active. Read more about this group and who sits on the panel here.

Other Governance, Advisory and Task Groups

Over the next three months the following list of panel groups will be created. Visit Isle of Wight will approach all levy members (by email) with opportunities to stand for election to the following groups:

The Marketing Group (open to levy members with marketing experience / 12 months)
The Travel & Access Group (open to all levy payers / 12 months)
The Presentations Group (open to all levy payers /12 months)
The Events Development Group (open to levy payers with event management experience / 12 months)
The Brand Development Group (open to levy payers with brand / marketing experience / 12 months)